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Diane Fox All About Hearing WAI am Diane Fox, BC-HIS and I started All About Hearing over eleven years ago in the Skagit Valley as an independent Hearing Clinic, and I’ve maintained my independence since that time. Today there are no other independents in my area, they’ve either closed or have been bought out by buying groups or single manufacturers.

I did a lot of research prior to aligning with AHAA (American Hearing Aid Associates) approximately four years ago and when I look back on the time prior to my partnership with AHAA I think “What took me so long?”

AHAA allowed me to keep my independence while using their vast expertise to improve my business. Through my Account Manager, Dominic Spadaro, I have a marketing calendar that’s manageable, a mentor that is as invested in my success as my staff is and he challenges me to push my boundaries and lean into the discomfort that will allow me to grow, both personally and professionally. I have the ability to draw from other Owners in Washington and Oregon for their input and experience and ideas. Through Marketing Resources we’re revamping my website in order that it be seeable and far-reaching, as our conventional advertising systems weren’t applicable. AHAA’s recruiting systems are first rate, searching for other HIS and Audiologists, front office staff, telemarketer and office manager. I’ve attended Conventions, seminars and regional meetings focused on leadership, communication and harnessing the WHY of why I do what I get up and come to work daily. In 2013, my office experienced a 38% increase in sales over 2013. I was able to realize this benefit with AHAA while selling any manufacturer I chose. I’ve also used all of their financial and reporting assistance to track my progress and today I know exactly where I am and where I want to be. I have goals and I have a plan to meet those goals.

I am a huge advocate for maintaining independence in today’s marketplace. This is not a “sell out or be swallowed” market, this is an ever evolving chance of a lifetime to make a difference to the Hearing Impaired in our state. AHAA allows me to do what I do best without having to concentrate on the parts of the business that took away from my sanity. My partners at AHAA help with that.

AHAA has generously allowed all WHS Business members to forego the usual and customary Administrative fee to become members to enjoy the same benefits I’ve written about, and so much more. AHAA is not asking for a major chunk of any office’s business but to start with a small percentage if needed. And in return, AHAA will reimburse our Washington Hearing Society with a portion of everything purchased through them. In 2013 alone AHAA contributed over $80,000 to the California Hearing Healthcare Providers Advocacy Alliance.

AHAA has had an ongoing relationship with California Hearing Healthcare Providers and gave over $80,000 to their State association in 2013 alone! California has certainly realized the benefit of the alliance with AHAA.

I’m confident that your company can benefit in ways similar to mine. This is an offer that will benefit your corporation or company as well as WHS. When you need information about AHAA, please contact Dominic Spadaro at dspadaro@ahaanet.com – or contact me at 360.707.5500.

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