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Continuing Education

These CE classes were offered during the Washington Hearing Societies 2020 Summer meeting, they are free to view. To receive IHS CE credit write down the 2 key words in each course and contact Heather heatherd@washingtonhearing.org or call ‭(360) 695-4200 for pricing.

Infection Control
One (1) hour of infection control is require every 3 years for license renewal! This might be a good time to increase your knowledge or refresh! Learning is a lifelong adventure.

International Hearing Society
The International Hearing Society (IHS) is an association of hearing healthcare professionals worldwide. Founded in 1951, IHS takes a leadership role in advocating for open access to all qualified providers on behalf of the hearing impaired we serve.

Bates Technical College / Hearing Instrument Technology Program
The Bates program is approved by the Washington State Board of Hearing and Speech. Graduates are prepared to take the Washington State licensing exam. The Instructor, Dr. Marci Leong, has more than 18 years of industry experience as a clinical audiologist for the State of Washington. She holds a Clinical Doctorate, AuD, from the University of Florida, an MS of Audiology and a BS in Speech & Hearing from the University of Washington. For more information call 253-680-7319 or check out the program online at https://www.batestech.edu/programs/hearing-aid-specialist/.

Spokane Falls Community College
SFCC’s HIS program is a low-residency, hybrid program. Student’s in the Spokane area complete lab work on the SFCC campus. Student’s not within the local area are required to find a licensed hearing instrument specialist or audiologist to supervise their required lab activities. This program combines online instruction and lecture, along with hands-on lab activities. Campus visits are required once every quarter to assess competency.

Applications are being accepted throughout the year for classes beginning each Fall quarter. Currently, there are no prerequisite courses required in order to begin the HIS program. Students may qualify for several types of financial aid.

For more information, contact:
Kristi Murphy, 509-533-4326 or Kristi.Murphy@sfcc.spokane.edu

For a list of Hearing Aid Manufacturers Click Here.

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