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Washington 2021 Summer Seminars

Welcome to the 2021 Summer Seminar web site sponsored by the Washington Hearing Society on September 9 – 11, 2021. The courses below are free to view. Registered 2021 Summer Seminar participants may view and submit answers to the question to earn CE credit at no additional charge.

For the unregistered, CE credit may be obtained by viewing each course, answering the questions and by paying a $20 per credit hour fee. E-mail the completed questions to rickg@washingtonhearing.org and arrange for payment with heatherd@washingtonhearing.org.

A digital CE confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within a 3 to 4 week period.

Policy Perspectives and Updates for the Hearing Professional (2 CE Credits)
Question 1. Name one legislator mentioned by Alissa.
Question 2. What does ISO stand for?
Question 3. What is the name of the only current FDA approved OTC device?

Infection Control for Hearing Healthcare Practices (1 CE Credit)
ATTENTION: Infection Control is Required by the Washington Department of Health once every 3 years for license renewal.
Question 1. Name one antibiotic resistant strain of infection.
Question 2. Name 3 of the 4 Goals of Infection Control.
Question 3. What are 4 universal precaution strategies for disease transmission prevention?

Manufacturer Round Table (2 CE Credits)
The Washington Department of Health requires all licensed hearing care providers to complete a course in Tele-Heath, the Manufacturer Roundtable course here satisfies that requirement. Both part 1 & part 2 must be viewed.

Question 1. Who is Stephanie Johnson?
Question 2. What is the name of Starkey remote programming software?
Question 3. What hearing aid feature is not supported in Oticon’s RemoteCare software?

When Should I Refer a Patient for a Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluation (1 CE Credit)
Question 1. How long have Cochlear Implants been available for adults?
Question 2. When should you refer an adult for CI Evaluation?
Question 3. What is one helpful thing to say when discussing a CI referral?

Tinnitus, A Common Clinical Encounter (1 CE Credit)
Question 1. How prevalent is Tinnitus in the US?
Question 2. What does Ted call over the counter meds sold to treat tinnitus?
Question 3. What does ATA stand for?

Rumors of Tumors (2 CE Credits)
Question 1. Which Lobe of the brain are the hearing centers located?
Question 2. Who is Scotty?
Question 3. What is The Gold Standard in diagnosing a tumor?

Washington Hearing Society Summer Business Meeting (1 CE Credit)
What is the second item on the agenda?
Who is the HAST program Director?
What was the only legislative issue affecting the profession in the 2021 session?

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