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Hearing Aid Specialist Training (HAST) Program

Connie FurryMessage from the President

On behalf of the Washington Hearing Society, I extend a warm welcome to the Washington Hearing Society Hearing Aid Specialist Training Program.

For over 56 years, the Washington Hearing Society has been providing quality continuing education and license preparation courses in a variety of state and regional conference settings.  The Hearing Aid Specialist Training program now offers the educational and practical experience needed to prepare qualified individuals to become licensed Hearing Aid Specialists in Washington State under RCW 18.35.  This program is recognized by the International Hearing Society, the Washington State Department of Health Board of Hearing & Speech, and is certified as a Private Career School by the Workforce Training and Education Board of Washington.

As an International Hearing Society State Chapter, the Washington Hearing Society recently received the 2015 State Chapter of the Year award for our efforts in creating the Hearing Aid Specialist Training program as the first and only, training program of this kind in the United States!  I couldn’t be more proud of our society for this accomplishment.

Our Executive Board, Board Members, Education Committee and Program Coordinator are all here to assist you and your supervisor in the completion of the Hearing Aid Specialist Training program requirements. Our goal is to assure that all graduates and supervisors have the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and that all licensed professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of care to the hearing impaired citizens of our great state.

Driven by our mission, the Washington Hearing Society is proud of the legislative efforts we achieved in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Health, Board of Hearing & Speech to make this training program a reality.  For me personally, this program is the realization of a long-term vision.  I wish you all the best as you begin training and look forward to having you.

Sandy Hubbard, B.S., BC-HIS

Hearing Aid Specialist Training Program

When you enroll in the WHS-HAST program your classroom is the workplace! Our supervisors are committed to their practices and bring that quality and commitment to you every day. Combining the International Hearing Society Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course materials and WHS-HAST course work you are learning and mastering as you go. Our supervisors have a maximum of three students so you will receive one-on-one guidance as you complete the 520 hours of supervised practical training. The WHS-HAST program is a competency based, seamless blend of independent self- study, online course work and exams and supervised client care. We are committed to making this the best training experience in Washington leading you to a rewarding career.

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