Washington Hearing Society Bylaws

  1. To better serve the hearing impaired by improving and encouraging high standards and procedures utilized to advance the art and science of the health care profession in the fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments.
  2. To protect the hearing impaired consumer by assuring ethical practices within the hearing health care profession by establishing and requiring strict adherence to a code of professional responsibility designed to protect the public in connection with such fitting and dispensing.
  3. To advise and assist the hearing healthcare professionals through education, dissemination of knowledge, ideas, and experience.
  4. To protect the hearing aid industry against unfair or unjust legislative or administrative enactments and to represent the hearing aid industry in Washington before state legislative and administrative bodies and, when necessary, to promulgate and present proposed legislation to governmental bodies to accomplish the foregoing aims of the corporation.
  5. To support and uphold the standards set forth by the International Hearing Society (IHS).